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Sports societies

SBC Football Club

The football club is one of the most successful societies in the Student Union. During the 2015-2016 academic year, the football club held the first annual SBC football league, with 7 teams competing for the trophyMore than 20 international students and club members participated in the league.


(Football Match)

Basketball Society

The basketball society has recruited members from the SBC and has grown impressively over the years.

Badminton Society

Badminton is a very popular sport on campus and the society members have won awards in both Shanghai and national competitions.

Tennis Society

The Tennis Society provides an opportunity for students to play and practise and get to know other students who enjoy this sport.

Cheerleading Society

The cheerleading team is the star of SBC sports activities and participates regularly in USST and nationwide competitions. In addition, the team is often invited to perform and support other sports clubs such as the football and basketball team.


(The 10th Cheerleading competition of USST)

Karate Society

Karate is practiced for self-perfection, for cultural reasons, for self-defense and as a sport. Established in 2010, this society is coached by the USST Karate association to maintain the clubs high standards and to ensure the safety of members. The society has gained many awards in competitions with other universities in Shanghai. SBC were league champions in 2010.

Hiko Society

Established in 2011, The Hiko society is based on hiking activities and hopes to attract more students to join.

Self-defense Society

The Self-defense society is a society aiming at teaching our female students how to protect themselves, with new classes recently added with protection in emergency circumstances.