After the graduation of the first class of alumni in 2011, SBC has established the SBC International Alumni Alliance (SBCIAA), thus setting up a bridge connecting the alumni and SBC. Shouldering the mission of supporting alumni and the college's development, SBCIAA has always tried its best to provides a wide range of online and offline activities for the alumni to help to expand their career connections, enhance mutual friendship, share career experience, explore industry prospects, update cutting-edge knowledge, tap potential business opportunities and seek career development.

In 2019, SBC established the Second Alumni Association of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology on the basis of the SBCIAA. It aims to bring college, alumni, and school students closer together to produce the effect of 1 + 1 + 1 > 3 and achieve the informatization and normalization of alumni work. Subdividing alumni resources to further promotes the construction of various alumni projects has become an important resource for SBC education and development.