Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business Management

Sheffield Business School is AACSB accredited. AACSB is known for its very high standard, less than 5% of business schools worldwide have received this accreditation.


Sheffield Hallam University - 4+0 (3+0) | 2+1+1 (1+1+1) | 2+2 (1+2)

  • BA (Hons) Business Management

Year 2 Pathways:

  • Business Management 2+2s (1+2s)

  • Business Management-related 2+2s (1+2s)

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*International Students who have sufficient Academic and English language requirements may be exempt from taking the foundation year and complete the degree in only 3 Years.

The overarching aim of the design for this course is that it is specialism-centric, academically challenging and provide a stimulating student experience. The course facilitates students:

  • Study of organisations, their management and the changing external environment in which organisations operate;

  • Preparation for and development of a career in business and management;

  • Enhancement of lifelong learning skills and personal development to contribute to society at large.

Additionally the programme design requires:

  • All students to undertake some form of research / consultancy project to enhance their business research skills;

  • All courses to embed employer and business engagement using a variety of mechanisms including student projects, guest speakers and consultancy opportunities.

The design of the Business Management offer is built around students studying core business modules in Years 3 and 4. It is aligned to professional bodies such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Where relevant, all of modules will optimise professional accreditation.

The Business Management degree offered by Sheffield Hallam University at SBC is ideal for students wishing to advance their knowledge, skills and career prospects in business management. The emphasis is on developing practical skills and business understanding, alongside academic knowledge. Teaching through projects and case studies related to real life organisations and scenarios improves employability. There is a focus on skills much needed in business organisations such as problem solving, decision making, negotiation, research and project management.

You may study the full degree at SBC in Shanghai to receive the Sheffield Hallam University degree certificate (4+0/3+0, 2+1+1/1+1+1). Alternatively, you may study partly in Shanghai and partly in the UK, and receive a degree certificate from Sheffield Hallam University or one of the nine SBC partner universities (2+2/1+2).

The first year comprises the Year 1 English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programme, which is designed to give you the necessary skills in all 4 language areas (reading, writing, listening and speaking). You will practise these skills by expressing your ideas in spoken or written form, taking part in academic discussions, taking effective lecture notes and giving oral presentations. This is carefully integrated with the content modules in Business, Economics and Mathematics to fully prepare you for years 2-4 of the degree.

In the second year, you will start to take the typical modules in the field of business management, including Management Themes, Finance and Accounting Modules and Business Economics. You will also take a Business Skills module to support the development of an academic approach to your studies, necessary for the degree awarding years 3 and 4. Therefore, in Part I (Years 1 and 2) study Business Management students will be provided with the basics of the chosen subject that are required for the advanced study in Part II (Years 3 and 4).

In the third year, you'll study core areas of business management including strategic planning, financial fluency for management decision making, integrated marketing communications and international business. Ethical and Responsible Business Practice is another module you will undertake as a response to increasing need for the business leaders of tomorrow to be truly responsible leaders and global citizens. A final module on Academic and Professional Development is aimed at putting the foundations in place for your future development in the both the academic and business world.

In the final year, core modules include Implementing Strategy and Change, Marketing in a Global Context and Financial Performance Management. You will also study a module which is aimed at developing Leadership Skills for Contemporary Organisations as well as a specialist and highly relevant module about Managing a Digital Enterprise. Finally you will also get the opportunity to develop and work on a real time International Business Consultancy Project.

In addition to the Business Management degree with Sheffield Hallam University, a wide range of degree subjects in the area of Business Management are available to students who choose to complete their degree study in the UK after two years study in Shanghai. Students will have the opportunity to choose their optional modules to specialise their degrees into Business Management with Finance; Business Management with Marketing; Business Management with Human Resource Management or several other more specialist areas. For information regarding the third and fourth years study in other universities in the UK, please refer to the appropriate NCUK partner university's website.

You will learn through lectures, group projects, industry visits, practical work, case studies and real time business consultancy projects. There will be opportunities to work with Sheffield Hallam University students based in the UK as well as your peers in Shanghai.

We employ a wide variety of assessment methods involving examinations, essays, individual and group presentations, individual and group projects and in-class tests.

SBC has an established Centre of Career Service and Student Development, which runs tailor-made skill training courses and helps students to recognise their own potential and plan their future. SBC cooperates with a broad range of Multinational Corporate Partners including Fortune 500 companies. Students will have unique opportunities for internship placements and attending training programmes during their duration of study at SBC.

This course offers a wide range of career opportunities in business management and related fields such as marketing, finance and human resources. Many of our graduates aim for employment with major international companies usually via the organisation’s own graduate entry programmes. Graduates in Business Management are also in demand for employment in the public sector in China and abroad. Following their final year business consultancy project some graduates go on to employment in this area, often with the organisation they worked with in their final year. A good pass in the Management degree will also open up the opportunity to post graduate study at world leading universities, which some students choose to progress to immediately, while some get some work experience first then go on to further study later go on to postgraduate studies, opening up further personal and professional development opportunities.

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