Top-table Programme

The Sino-British College Top Table Scholarship Summer Programme

The Top Table Scholarship Programme has been designed for high achieving students who have achieved the highest levels in the Gao Kao college entrance exam. It provides students with an opportunity to take part in a stimulating programme aimed at developing students’ academic skills in research, critical evaluation and giving presentations in English. The participants who demonstrate the highest abilities in these areas are rewarded with a scholarship for undergraduate study at SBC.  

The programme has two distinct focuses. The morning classes focus on presentation skills in the English language and ensure that students are confident and able to present their research findings effectively. The classes are delivered by a hand-picked team of lecturers from the School of Languages, Education and Cultures and focus on the following areas: 

- Using high-level English of an appropriate academic style for university study.

- Ensuring the clarity of an English language presentation by emphasizing its organization and key points.

- Ensuring the clarity of the speaker’s evaluation and stance in English by effectively emphasizing these to the audience.

- Using visual aids effectively.

The second area of focus in the afternoon classes is on research skills and critical evaluation. This involves the students working under the guidance of experienced lecturers from the School of Business and Management and the School of Engineering and Computing. The lecturers help guide the students to carry out effective secondary research in an area of academic interest and to evaluate their findings critically. Students taking part in this programme have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in the areas above by delivering a presentation to their peers and lecturers on their research findings. The presentations are judged and the highest achievers are awarded with the scholarship.

In addition, the programme also includes visits to places of importance in Shanghai and lecturers by guest speakers from industry and commerce.

By the end of this programme, the participants will have taken part in a stimulating programme and demonstrated their academic skills in research and delivering presentations in English. This will enable them to approach their undergraduate study at SBC fully confident in their ability to achieve the high levels of success and the highest possible grades.