The IT department is responsible for the integration and of information services and technology at the college. In doing so, it provides an important supporting role for all students at SBC. It provides technical assistance to ensure students can use the SBC’s IT services properly and with high a high degree of efficiency. The main services provided for students are outlined below and include the Smart Card Service, Student SBC College Accounts, the Student Printing and Copying Service, and the IT Equipment Rental Service.

SBC Smart Card

The SBC Smart Card has many uses, such as gaining access to the Teaching Building, the Learning Resource Centre, Student Dormitories, and the Administration Building. It is also used for paying for meals in the canteen, taking showers in the dormitory, borrowing books from the LRC and providing proof of identity when sitting exams. To ensure all students are able to use it fully, IT provides a Smart Card Service, which is open from 8:30am to 11:30am & from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.The centre is located in the student hub, 1st floor of teaching building provides the following services.

1. Issuing New Cards

2. Reporting Card Loss

3. Card Reissuing

All students joining SBC in their first year of study are provided with a card free of charge. However, replacement cards cost 15 RMB. The card will need to be returned to the Service Centre when you leave SBC and will expire automatically when it reaches its expiry date.

Key Points for Card Use

  1. Students can top-up their card at the transfer machine located in the lobby of the teaching building or at the canteen top-up window.

  2. When a card is reissued, the balance on the original card will be locked for 7 days, after which time the student can transfer the balance to the new card. During the 7 day period, no other functions are disabled.

  3. Students should report the loss of their card at the first available moment on the transfer machine or at the Smart Card Service Centre to guarantee the security of their card balance.

  4.  Any transactions on the transfer machine will require a password. The rules here are as follows:

            o For the students enrolled before 2012: last 6 digits of ID card (for example: 310110199201123456)

            o For the students enrolled after 2012: from the twelfth digital to the seventeenth (for example:                             

  1. The door access system can be used with a newly-issued card 2 days after the day of issue. If this is not possible after two days have passed, please come to the Smart Card Service Centre for assistance.

SBC College Account

The SBC college account is the unified login system for all types of electronic and web-based academic applications at SBC. The IT Service Centre offers support to reinstate the account under the following circumstances: password loss, account expiration, locking of account. This service is available from 8:30 am to 11:30 am and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. All freshmen will receive their SBC college account free of charge and obtain their relevant details from their tutor or from IT. The College Account is used for the following functions:

  • Logging into SBC computers

  • Using the WIFI – USST in the SBC teaching area

  • Logging into the webmail system, Microsoft Exchange

  • Logging into the e-learning system, Blackboard

  • Logging into the College Systems to obtain your grades

Key Points of Use

The student’s smart card provides the identification for resetting their SBC College Account password.

  • The SBC college account needs to be closed at the IT service centre before the student leaves SBC. Please refer to the steps described in the relevant forms available in Registry.

  • After graduation, your SBC college account will be closed following a request from Registry.

  • A new password is valid for 150 days. A reminder email for changing your password will be sent when the expiration date approaches.

  • The password can be changed through the webmail system before it becomes out of date. The URL for the webmail system is

  • When logging on to a computer or webmail system for the first time, the system will ask you to change the password. Your new password must meet the following conditions:

      o   Must exceed 8 characters

      o   Your password must be a combination of numbers, letters and punctuation marks

  • The initial password is ‘Sino-British’.