Shanghai City Life

Shanghai City Life




Line 1 (Fujin Rd to XinZhuang), 37km in length, including 28 stations, is a major north-south directional metro line across Shanghai. Colour: red.

Line 2 (East Xujing to Pudong International Airport),60km in length, including 31 stations, is a east-west directional metro line connecting two sides of HuangPu River, and crossing the downtown area. Colour: green.

Line 3 (Shanghai South Railway Station to North JiangYang Rd),40km in length, including 29 stations, is a metro line( mostly elevated) crossing by the edge of the downtown. Colour: yellow.

Line 4 34km in length, including 26 stations( 9 of which is in co-operation with line 3), is a circle metro line with co-operation line with line 3. Colour: purple.

Line 5 (MinHang Development Zone to XinZhuang), 17km in length, including 11 stations. Colour: fuchsia.

Line 6 (GangCheng Rd to South LingYan Rd), 31km in length, including 27 stations. Colour: magenta.

Line 7 (HuaMu Rd to Shanghai University), 34.38km in length, 27 stations in operation, is another major north-south directional metro line in Shanghai rail transit network. Colour: light coral.

Line 8 (ShiGuang Rd to Aerospace Museum), 37.5km in length, has 28 stations in operation. Colour: blue.

Line 9 (SongJiang New Town to Middle Yanggao Rd), 46km in length, has 23 stations in operation. Colour: light blue.

Line 10 (HangZhong Rd to New JiangWan Town), 29.6km in length, has 27 stations in operation. Colour: light purple.

Line 11 (JiangSu Rd to North JiaDing), 43.6km in length, has 19 stations in operation. Colour: dark red.


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Shanghai is a diversified international metropolis where you can find almost every type of the cuisine that you desire, especially Shanghai local cuisine. It will never be a problem for you to find a spot to eat and look for a place in your favour!

Chinese (Shanghainese), Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Vegetarian)

Chinese (Other), Fusion, French, Italian, European, Japanese, American


Commercial Zones and Shopping Centers

West Nanjing Road, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway, Fuzhou Road

Huaihai Road, Yuyuan Commercial City, XuJiaHui, North Sichuan Road

New Shanghai Commercial Center, Dongtai Road Antique Market

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Art & Culture


Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments

  • Shanghai Natural Wild-Insect Kingdom

  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

  • Navy Shanghai Museum

  • Shanghai Museum of TCM

  • Shanghai History Museum

  • Shanghai Postal Museum

  • The Museum of Natural Sciences

  • Shanghai Railway Museum

  • Shanghai Geological Museum

  • China Dairy Museum



  • C.Y. Tung Maritime Museu

  • Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum

  • Shanghai Museum of Public Security

  • Huang Daopo Memorial Hall

  • Exhibition Hall of Shanghai Aerospace

  • Shanghai Entomological Museum

  • Hand-printed Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall

  • Wulixiang - Shikumen Open House

  • Shanghai Astronomy Museum

  • Shanghai Animation and Comics Museum

  • China Maritime Museum

  • China Art Palace

  • Power Station of Art

Shanghai Cultural & Creative Industrial Parks:

  •  Bridge 8

  •  Tian Zi Workshop

  •  Dongdaming Art Creation Stock

  •  X2 Creation Space

  •  M50 Creative Garden

  •  Sea on Shanghai

  •  Tong Le Workshop

  • Zhoujiaqiao --- Creation Gate

  • Yangpu Riverside Creation Park

  • Zhuoxiong 700

  •  Si Hang Storage

  •  Shanghai Sculpture Space

  •  1933

  •  D1 International Creative Space

  •  1918 ArtSPACE



Art space & Gallery:

  • Duoyun Gallery Shanghai

  •  Liu Haisu Art Museum

  •  Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Minsheng Art Museum

  •  Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

  • Xuhui Art Museum

  •  1918 ArtSPACE

  •  M50 Creative Garden

  •  Tian Zi Workshop

  •  Shanghai Sculpture Space

  •  Creek Art Center

  •  Shanghai No.1 Art Museum

  •  Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum

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Shanghai Puxi Landmarks:

The Bund

World Architecture at the Bund

Add: Zhongshan Rd. (E1), Shanghai

  • Yuyuan Garden

Add: 218 Anren Rd.

Tel: +86 21 63282465

Opening: 8:30-17:00



  • People's Square

Public transport: People's Square can be reached by taking Shanghai Metro Line 1, Line 2 or Line 8 to People's Square station.

  • Xintiandi

  • Shanghai Circus World

  • Dianshan Lake Resort

  • Shanghai Botanical Garden

  • Huang Daopo's Tomb 

  • Xu Guangqi Cemetery and Memorial Hall

  • Sheshan Mountain National Holiday Zone

Shanghai Pudong Landmarks:

  • Shanghai World Financial Center

Add: 100 Century Avenue, Pudong

Opening: Daily 8am-11pm, last entry 10 Pm


  • Pudong Riverside Promenade

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  • Lujiazui Central Green Belt

  • Century Boulevard

  • Jinmao Tower

  • The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

  • Shanghai International Convention Center

  • Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

  • Shanghai Natural Wild-Insect Kingdom

  • Century Park

  • Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

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