Student Union

Student Union


Brief Introduction of Youth League

The SBC Student Union is under the leadership of the central committee of the Youth League Committee of University of Shanghai for Science & Technology. It is in charge of the operation of the committee and the Student Union, as well as the development and guidance on student activities. Due to the special educational background, The Sino-British College focuses on cultivating the mind of Chinese traditional culture in order to educate them to be ambassadors of Chinese traditional culture. The student union intend continuously to broaden students' international vision and structure, cultivate patriotism, studiousness and honesty and the sense of responsibility as a socialist successor. The Student Union intends to organise student activities in order to improve the students’ personal accomplishment and quality.

As an important part of moral education, the Student Union organises students to carry out learning, recreation and sports, social practice and many other activities, enhancing the comprehensive development of students from many angles .As part of the process of organising different activities, the Student Union mainly focuses on four major aspects in order to enhance the comprehensive development of students, the construction of the team system; the cultivation of personal values; international integration. The Student Union can not only make students cultivate various aspects of their ability through work practice, it can also under the education and management of the College, effect a bridge between the students and College through their effort.

Brief Introduction of Student Union

At British universities, the Student Union plays a major role in student life. Here at SBC, there will be several elected Student Representative Councils. The Student Union has several functions and gives students the opportunity to become involved in many areas of university governance. Students who form the membership of the Student Union are expected to direct its actions and be responsible for them. Some members of the Student Union are also expected to sit on various academic committees at the University, representing the interests of their fellow students. This gives students the opportunity to raise any matters of concern to the College authorities and thus forms an integral part of the shaping of the academic direction of the College. The Student Union is also heavily involved in the planning of extra-curricular activities at the College. The Student Union takes part in campus events. In addition, it organises extra-curricular activities, such as a Halloween Party, the ‘Voice of SBC’ event and sports events such as football and basketball games. 

Student Union Activities

Student Union works in the form of student council organisation planning, through putting lessons into practice, community service and themed educational events which unite all the students to create a dynamic, green and educational campus.